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Development grants awarded to select teams for feature-length film projects focusing on environmental topics

(Press Release)
SAN FRANCISCO, CA (June 22, 2016) – Today The Redford Center announced the launch of Redford Center Grants, a program that will provide grant funds, mentorship opportunities, and networking support to filmmakers who understand the power of a well-told, well-timed story as a means to inspire positive change in the world.

Funded by The New York Community Trust, the Redford Center Grants pilot program will support feature-length film projects in early development that are focused on driving awareness, education and tangible action on a variety of environmental topics.

“New ideas and information must become stories that touch the human heart in order to change things,” said Jamie Redford, Co-Founder of The Redford Center. “It’s in these early stages of the filmmaking process when funds are often most difficult to secure, and when these teams of storytellers can benefit most from mentorship, story support, and making the right connections.”  

Five filmmaking teams will be chosen to participate in the pilot program in which each team will receive:

Ø  A $15,000 development grant to produce a written film treatment and a short proof-of-concept film over a 3-month timeframe
Ø  Mentorship from issue experts and industry leaders to refine project narratives and impact goals
Ø  A GoPro Hero 4 Black camera to support filmmaking
Ø  Film distribution as part of The Redford Center Grants programs’ series of shorts
Ø  A travel and lodging grant to attend a Story Development Summit at the Sundance Mountain Resort
Ø  An opportunity to be considered for co-production with The Redford Center, and/or to receive an additional production grant

"Some of the most moving and inspirational environmental stories are the ones that highlight what people are doing every day to ensure the health of our planet for generations to come,” said Robert Redford, Co-Founder of The Redford Center. "I’m pleased that Redford Center Grants will enable us to support the development of films that showcase solutions and demonstrate what’s possible.”


R20 Regions of Climate Action and Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Partner to Accelerate Climate Change Solutions

Supports Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's call to increase investment in climate projects
GENEVA and LOS ANGELES - 26 May, 2016 - Following the April signing of the Paris Agreement, R20 Regions of Climate Action "R20" and Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation "LDF" announced the formation of a new partnership to rapidly identify and fund projects that address the urgency of climate change.
Financially supported by LDF under a new $650,000 grant, this partnership allows R20 to rapidly identify renewable energy, energy efficiency and waste management initiatives that have the potential to bring positive environmental and social benefits to communities across the globe, and ultimately reduce carbon emissions. Under this framework, R20 will develop and construct these projects, as well as measure and report on their impact.
Together, R20 and LDF are following the mission of the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance"CCFLA," which was launched by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in 2014 to encourage investment in low-emission, climate resilient infrastructure in cities, and to close the investment gap in climate friendly projects in urban areas over 15 years.
"I commend LDF and R20 for supporting the goals of the CCFLA. Partnerships like this one strengthen the effort to unlock billions of dollars of private investment in projects that will urgently address climate change," said Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. "I thank them for their commitment to our environment, and to the future of humanity."
"The Paris Agreement was an important first step for reducing global carbon emissions, but there is more that must be done to accomplish this important goal. Our partnership with R20 is a signal that it is also the responsibility of private organizations to take up the charge of accelerating the adoption of climate-saving technologies, worldwide," said Leonardo DiCaprio, Chairman of Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. "We call on others to follow our lead because our planet is quickly running out of time."
R20 was founded to support governments and communities in the identification, preparation and financing of green projects to lower greenhouse gas emissions and help the world transition to a green economy.
"R20 and LDF share an unwavering commitment to taking bold action on climate change by supporting proven solutions that will impact real change for our planet," said Christophe Nuttall, Executive Director of R20. "With the support of our partners at LDF, we will help set a model for CCFLA members, governments and organizations to take action to develop their own climate solutions in all parts of the globe."
R20 was named the Secretariat for the CCFLA in partnership with World Fund for Cities (FMDV), United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in January 2016.
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About R20 Regions of Climate Action
R20 Regions of Climate Action is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 by former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and other global leaders in cooperation with the United Nations.
R20 is a coalition of partners led by regional governments that work to promote and implement projects that are designed to produce local economic and environmental benefits in the form of reduced energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions; strong local economies; improved public health; and new green jobs. These local actions can help the world achieve our shared global environmental and economic goals.
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About Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation
Since 1998, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation ("LDF") has been on a mission to protect the Earth's last wild places, implementing solutions that restore balance to threatened ecosystems, and ensure the long-term health and wellbeing of all its inhabitants.
Through grant making, public campaigns and media initiatives, LDF brings attention and needed funding to three areas: protecting biodiversity, ocean & forest conservation, and climate change. The Foundation works in close collaboration with a broad network of environmental leaders and experts, effective organizations, and committed philanthropists to identify and support innovative, results-driven projects in the world's most wild and threatened ecosystems. Currently LDF supports over 70 high-impact projects in more than 40 countries around the world. 

For more information visit:  
The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is a component fund of the California Community Foundation.


COP21: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals 2 Global Reports

reprint of press release
posted by Paige Donner

COP21: Governor Arnold 
will reveal two global reports
  • Nine Global Actions That Dramatically 
  • Cut Carbon Emissions
  • Climate Finance Action Plan That 
  • Shows How to Replicate These Successes 
  • Around the World
Paris, 5 December 2015 - R20 Founder and
former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger,
Yale University, and the Stanley Foundation,
in collaboration with the R20 and USC
 Schwarzenegger Institute, released
 "Scaling Up: From Local to Global Climate Action."

This report confirms that sub-national
action on climate change is in many ways surpassing national
 efforts in scope and ambition. The report uses case studies
from nine regions around the world to highlight initiatives that,
if adopted nationally, would contribute significantly to, or even
surpass, country-level mitigation goals. 
The highlighted initiatives have the potential to raise
national ambition; spur additional mitigation, adaptation,
and climate financing; and inject an emphasis on
solutions-directed efforts into the public dialogue on climate change.

From California to Rajasthan, India, these case studies reveal a range
of local partnerships that exhibit strong climate leadership.
"I have always said that our states, provinces, and cities 
are where the action is. We proved it in California and 
many of our policies have been adopted by our federal 
government. This report proves the value of sub-national 
governments all over the world taking action and not 
waiting for their national leaders or international
 institutions to help us solve the world's most pressing 
challenge - - climate change,"
declares Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
In concert with this report, the R20 and the USC
Schwarzenegger institute also released
"Climate Finance: A Status Report and Action Plan"
which gives tangible, concrete examples of how to expedite
the transition to a low-carbon economy based on proven
technologies and projects all over the world, such as
those described in "Scaling Up".
Drafted at the request of French
President Francois Hollande, who identified climate finance
as critical to the negotiations at COP21, the report offers a
comprehensive road map to effectively tackle climate
finance challenges. The report gives examples of
supportive governments in various regions around the
world (at the sub-national and national level); mature
 low-carbon technologies; and substantial amounts of
 capital, but also points out that intermediaries are
needed to align interests and develop projects.
The Report concludes by proposing concrete solutions
moving forward and will also serve as the basis for
implementation of climate finance solutions post COP21.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Founding Chair of the R20
and Chairman of the USC Schwarzenegger Institute,
will participate in a number of COP21 events to draw
attention to these two papers and continue his longstanding
commitment in addressing climate change and protecting
the environment. Schwarzenegger will highlight the
 important role that sub-national leadership is providing
in reducing carbon emissions and will stress the need
to accelerate the action being created at the local level.  
On Saturday December 5th, Schwarzenegger will give
a key note speech to the Inter-Parliamentary Union where he will formally announce the reports and will present copies to French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. 
Two days later, on December 7th, Schwarzenegger will speak to the students and faculty of Sciences Po University about the long-term nature of the climate change challenge and the important role future generations of leaders will play in addressing it.  
On December 8th Schwarzenegger will deliver remarks to the official UN negotiating body that is working to formally integrate subnational actions into the UNFCCC negotiations for the first time in history. He will highlight how much progress sub-nationals have made to support the reasoning for this new officially sanctioned approach.

About R20
R20 Regions of Climate Action is a non-profit organization
founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger and other global
leaders in cooperation with the United Nations.

Our mission is to help sub-national governments around
the world to develop and communicate low-carbon and
climate resilient economic development projects.
We do so by working in three primary aspects of
development: policy, technology, and finance.
About the USC Schwarzenegger Institute
The USC Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy is committed to advancing post-partisanship, where leaders put people over political parties and work together to find the best ideas and solutions to benefit the people they serve. The Institute seeks to influence public policy and public debate in finding solutions to the serious challenges we face.While the Institute engages on a variety of critical policy areas, a primary focus is climate change, which reflects Governor Schwarzenegger's leadership on the issue and it being one of the defining challenges of our generation.
About the Stanley Foundation
The Stanley Foundation advances multilateral action to create fair, just, and lasting solutions to critical issues of peace and security. The foundation's work is built on a belief that greater international cooperation will improve global governance and enhance global citizenship. The organization values its Midwestern roots and family heritage as well as its role as a nonpartisan, private operating foundation. The Stanley Foundation does not make grants.
About Yale University
Since its founding in 1701, Yale has been dedicated to expanding and sharing knowledge, inspiring innovation, and preserving cultural and scientific information for future generations.
Yale's reach is both local and international. It partners with its hometown of New Haven, Connecticut to strengthen the city's community and economy. And it engages with people and institutions across the globe in the quest to promote cultural understanding, improve the human condition, delve more deeply into the secrets of the universe, and train the next generation of world leaders.

R20 Regions of Climate Action | 48 Chemin du Grand Montfleury | Geneva | CA | 1290 | Switzerland


Celebrate World Water Week With Us!

5 Water Purification Designs for Third World Countries

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 748 million people lack access to uncontaminated drinking water sources. Moreover, WHO estimates that 1.8 billion people use a fecally contaminated drinking water source, 2.5 billion lack access to improved sanitation facilities and more than 840,000 people die from water related diseases annually. 

Contaminated water is the number one cause of death in developing countries, causing diseases such as cholera, hepatitis, typhoid fever, malaria, ascariasis, dengue fever and many other deadly illnesses. In fact, contaminated water is the number one public health concern globally based on its impact to society, according to the WHO. Fortunately, the WHO estimates that 10% of the global disease burden could be prevented with improved water supply and sanitation. In light of this, a number of innovations and technologies are providing growing solutions to this problem.


The Race for Water Odyssey in Guam For New Scientific Analyses



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Press Release for immediate distribution
July 13th, 2015 - Guam (USA)

The scientific teams of the Race for Water Odyssey in Guam for new analyses on plastic pollution in oceans

Leaving Honolulu on June 30, the Race for Water Odyssey has since travelled with the purpose of going to Guam (Mariana Islands) for a new scientific stopover. The simultaneous presence of two typhoons in the area has forced the crew to change its itinerary.  Despite the absence of the navigation team in Guam, the planned stopover in this archipelago can still be conducted under good conditions. The R4WO scientific team arrived on the island yesterday and will deploy the protocol as initially planned. 

The R4WO crew was forced to go off-route over these last few days because of the formation of tropical cyclones Chan-Hom and Nangka in the North-Western Pacific. This is more specifically the Nangka typhoon (ranked category 5 on a scale of 1 to 5) which has forced the crew of the R4WO to bypass the Mariana Archipelago. However, these necessary safety measures did not undermine the continuation of the expedition. 

Tomorrow the shore crew will carry out beach samplings on three selected beaches on the Guam Island. On site up to July 18, the teams will also meet local stakeholders from the scientific and associative communities during a round table discussion on plastic pollution organised at Guam University.

Next stops: Tokyo and Shanghai

During this stopover in the Mariana Islands, the MOD70 Race for Water trimaran will continue its route towards the next stops of the expedition: Tokyo first of all, then Shanghai. In the two Asian megacities, the aim of the R4WO will be to exchange and raise awareness among local actors on the problem of plastic pollution in oceans.   

Click here to follow the expedition live! 

Click here for more information about the program in Guam!


About the Race for Water Odyssey (R4WO) 

Initiated by the Race for Water foundation, the "Race for Water Odyssey" is a unique expedition that aims to draw up the first global assessment of plastic pollution in the ocean by visiting island beaches situated in the 5 trash vortexes. In less than 300 days, over 40,000 nautical miles will be traveled, punctuated by 11 scientific stopovers and 9 outreach stopovers, involving a total of 13 countries. The Race for Water Odyssey benefits from the support of ISAF, Duke University, Oregon State University, senseFly, Swisscom and Swissnex. 

About the Race for Water Foundation 

Founded in Lausanne in 2010, the "Race for Water" Foundation's mission is to preserve our planet's most valuable resource: water. The foundation is an officially recognized non-profit organization seeking to implement concrete and sustainable actions, focusing on two main themes: protecting oceans and freshwater. "Race for Water" initiates projects aimed at raising awareness and taking concrete action on the ground. These actions are directed at four target audiences: economic players, political bodies, the scientific community, and the general public—with particular emphasis on future generations. "Race for Water" collaborates with organizations such as UNESCO, UNEP, IUCN, WWF, and WBCSD.