Constructing a Sustainable Future

by Kristie Lewis [Guest Blogger]
Top 3 Green Building Materials
For some time now our society has been leading an environmental revolution. We are dedicated to finding better more sustainable ways to live our lives on this precious Earth. 
One area of green initiative that has seen significant advancement in the last several years is green building and green construction. When constructing a building we must consider the location of the building, the actual construction of the building, the use of natural amenities, the types of materials used, and many more things to ensure that that structure truly promotes environmental and ecological sustainability. One of the most essential aspects of creating an environmentally conscious structure depends on the sustainability and "green-ness" of the building materials at use. There are numerous options available for the materials a builder, architect, and designer will use in a structure from the actual structural elements to the decorative elements of a space. These building materials are three of the greenest options out there. 
Managed Forest Wood
Real hard wood and specific wood color make a huge different to a designer's eye. For this reason, hardwood remains one of the most common and popular choices for many building elements from floors to ceiling rafters. Managed forest wood means that trees are planted and harvested like crops. We harvest select sizes of trees and carefully leave large areas undisturbed in growth areas. This prevents us from cutting down whole rainforests and disrupting entire ecosystems. 
Recycled Glass
Recycled glass provides a beautiful option for many design and architectural elements of a building. Many "green" houses use recycled glass tiles in kitchens and bathrooms. With such a huge amount of glass waste collected every year, just putting that material back into use improves our environment. 
Bamboo has become a hot design option for builders and designers throughout the world in recent years. Because bamboo grows so quickly and easily (in basically any climate), it is an extremely sustainable material. Bamboo is extremely strong and looks a lot like wood when used within a structure (though it's actually a grass). 
This is a guest post by Kristie Lewis from construction management degree. She is a full time blogger from Texas. Besides blogging, she loves to spend her time gardening and travelling.