World's Largest Bottle-to-Bottle Recycling Plant, Riverside CA

carbonLITE’s new 220,000 sq-ft plant receives support from California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. and U.S. EPA Regional Administrator Jared Blumenfeld among others


RIVERSIDE, CA California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. announced the official grand opening of the world’s largest bottle-to-bottle plastic recycling plant.  Located in Riverside, Ca., the 220,000 sq-ft plant has already created over 100 green jobs and will recover more than two billion plastic PET bottles annually from California’s Curbside and Redemption Value programs.

carbonLITE is using high-tech innovations to bring used plastic back to food grade quality,” said Jared Blumenfeld, Regional Administrator for EPA’s Pacific Southwest.  “By recycling two billion PET bottles (12 fl oz) every year, this cutting-edge facility is helping America save 48 million gallons of gas.  This is a model of resource recovery and economic development.”

Photos courtesy: Sayeh Video and Photography

Photo 1:  California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. accompanies carbonLITE Chairman Leon Farahnik and President Neville Browne 


Photos 2 and 3:  California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. speaks at the grand opening celebration of carbonLITE’s new 220,000 sq-ft bottle-to-bottle recycling plant.


Photo 4:  Jared Blumenfeld, Administrator for EPA’s Pacific Southwest Region, speaks at the grand opening celebration of carbonLITE’s new 220,000 sq-ft bottle-to-bottle recycling plant.


Photo 5:  Exterior shot of carbonLITE’s new 220,000 sq-ft bottle-to-bottle recycling plant


Photo 6:  Inside look at carbonLITE’s new 220,000 sq-ft bottle-to-bottle recycling plant


Previously, most plastic bottles collected in California were exported to China and downcycled into polyester fiber.  carbonLITE is changing that, and bringing both this valuable resource and jobs back to the State.  carbonLITE is able to do this with the support of their customers like PepsiCo and Nestlé Waters while helping both companies achieve their sustainability goals.

Products made using PET resin are recyclable and highly sustainable.  PET can be recycled numerous times, turning bottles back into bottles.  The PET resin offered by carbonLITE will have been processed using a method that has received an LNO (letter of non-objection) from the FDA, allowing it to be used at levels up to 100 percent recycled content in the manufacture of PET bottles.

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Gov. Brown Issues Poem In Honor of Arbor Day Proclamation



Gold, Green


Let it be

On a day in March


When the grass is green

On the rolling hills

And the snow

Is deep in the mountains –


Let it be

On a day like this

That we plant a tree


For the years to come

For the little ones

and the lakes

Will be pure in the mountains –


Let it be gold and green


That we touch the ground

That we heal the land

From the mountains to the sea.


—Gary Snyder


This poem was written in honor of Arbor Day which has traditionally been set aside as a day designated for the planting of trees. Trees provide shelter for us and for birds and wildlife. They give us shade and conserve our soil. We harvest fruit from trees and at the same time enjoy their beauty.


I hereby proclaim March 7th as Arbor Day in order that all Californians may be reminded of the multitude of benefits we reap daily from this precious resource. I hope the day will be dedicated to the planting of trees not only for the benefit of this generation but as our gift to posterity.



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BMW ActiveE Electric Vehicle


BMW will display its first all-electric vehicle, the ActiveE, at the IEEE International Electric Vehicle Conference

The ActiveE is the first one hundred percent electric BMW to be placed in customer hands. With output of 170hp and maximum torque of 184lb-ft from a standstill, the BMW ActiveE accelerates from 0–60mph in under nine seconds. 

Newly developed lithium-ion batteries facilitate a driving range of up to 100 miles on a full charge.

“This presentation shows how BMW has prepared for years to ensure this challenge will eventually become a success story in sustainable mobility,” said Lee Stogner, Chair, IEEE Electric Vehicle Initiative. “Showcasing their new technology and being a part of the inaugural IEVC is a great way to show the world the innovations taking place at BMW.”

The BMW ActiveE is the BMW Group’s second step in the company’s three-phase development plan leading to an emission-free, electric BMW in series production - the BMW i3, which will be released in late 2013.

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