Gov. Brown Issues Poem In Honor of Arbor Day Proclamation



Gold, Green


Let it be

On a day in March


When the grass is green

On the rolling hills

And the snow

Is deep in the mountains –


Let it be

On a day like this

That we plant a tree


For the years to come

For the little ones

and the lakes

Will be pure in the mountains –


Let it be gold and green


That we touch the ground

That we heal the land

From the mountains to the sea.


—Gary Snyder


This poem was written in honor of Arbor Day which has traditionally been set aside as a day designated for the planting of trees. Trees provide shelter for us and for birds and wildlife. They give us shade and conserve our soil. We harvest fruit from trees and at the same time enjoy their beauty.


I hereby proclaim March 7th as Arbor Day in order that all Californians may be reminded of the multitude of benefits we reap daily from this precious resource. I hope the day will be dedicated to the planting of trees not only for the benefit of this generation but as our gift to posterity.



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