The Light Bulbs Goes Off

By Tim Laughlin

Republished from Xcel Energy Blog

Last week, Swedish-based retailer IKEA announced they will no longer sell incandescent bulbs, offering only compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and halogens in its place.

While this may seem like a fairly insignificant step toward the inevitable, it seems much bigger than that to me; much more profound.

The light bulb has been a fixture in our society, since, well, Thomas Edison. It’s been THE icon for energy use in our country. And while we’ve seen a number technological advancements to our day-to-day energy using equipment, the one constant has been the incandescent light bulb.

I’m not slighting IKEA, or the move to discontinue incandescents. Far from it. It’s great to see progress for energy efficiency. I’m thrilled to see moves like this, as they hopefully will encourage positive action and ultimately behavior change.

What I find fascinating is that after all this time – particularly in an age of better, faster, stronger – the original light bulb has remained virtually untouched for more than 100 years. So many similar products have made huge technological strides – the telephone, radio, PC, and television, to name a few. And through it all, the light bulb has been there, glowing, well…incandescently.

Over the past 100 years, I can’t think of a similar product that has remained virtually unchanged – like the incandescent light bulb. Can you? Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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Pin Ups At Paris Men's Fashion Week

Men's Fashion Week, Paris, AW11/12 wrapped up today with a flourish of Pin ups on silk and thin silk from RYNSHU's "Shabby Rock'n Style" collection at Hotel Le Meurice Sunday afternoon. In a departure from tradition, RYNSHU designer mixed it up, showing both his men's collection and several pieces from his soon to launch women's collection. [ the sale of the lady's collection will be available  from RYNSHU  PARIS shop and other outlets. ]

P. Diddy partied it up at Raf Simons and then cruised in late for Lanvin, held at Palais Tokyo, a show that favored Grafton fedoras, bomber jackets and bow ties - all crowd pleasers. Lulu Gainsbourg and also Olivier Sims of XX (British band) sat in front rows and sported chic Lanvin Tux blazers, looking ready for a red carpet.

Earlier in the week, EHUD showed in the grittier Marais with a resonant and loyal turnout of Paris's fashion influencers. The advantage of showing early in the week? top pick of the male models. All of whom were sizzling hot and flirty!

Other highlights: Agnes B. with a Pirate Look and tight leather pants. Louis Vuitton, Issey Miyake, Dior Homme, Bill Tornade, Qasimi Homme...stay posted for more Men's Fashion Week AW11/12 Wrap Up on Greening Beauty, Greening Paris.

GREEN Challenge: Write/ email in your suggestions on how to take men's fashion towards green while still staying in the black...

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