Lisa Ling Builds Green

By Green Blogger
At Senator Pavley's recent "Greening the Bottom Line" town hall meeting, Lisa Ling and her husband, Paul, turned out to speak about the home they are building in Santa Monica.  Here's the link to the ABC News Video:
Lisa Ling Builds Green
Also, Ted Flanigan of Eco Motion and George Infante of West LA Print and Copy showed up to share their green success stories.  In addition, Pavley was able to bring out the local utilities and 20 community groups and businesses to provide "How To Go Green" resource materials. "The event was fun, informative, and highlighted how being good to the Earth is also good for your pocketbook," said Pavley.
For more information on the next "Greening the Bottom Line" go to Senator Pavley's (D-Santa Monica) website.


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