Rock The Boat Documentary Film

I have never left you and I will always be here for you. Have you forgotten me? When you are ready to  return I will be here for you. It's time we start a life together again...
            The Los Angeles River
Kayak img
Kayaking in the Glendale Narrows
Kayak img
A long stretch past Downtown
Kayak img
Heading to Sepulveda Dam
LA River near Downtown LA
Dancers Protest

Please spread the word about this documentary -
to LA friends, environmentalists, or
people who love documentaries. 
Help us create a greener future for the LA River
- for all of us.

Join us for a pre-screening of
"Rock The Boat"
"On The Edge"
  • Admission is free
    When: Wednesday, March 3rd 
  • 2010, 9PM
  • Where: The Electric Lodge in 
  • Venice; 1416 Electric Avenue, 
  • Venice, CA 90291
  • Free parking on site
Admission is free, but bring a checkbook, 
just in case you are moved to support us. 
Watch the films, meet the dancers, and 
stay after for an informal discussion with 
the filmmakers.
Take Action...

WSR and Magic Pebble Media Welcome you to become a part of Film Making History.
Three ways to get involved:
  1.  Simply forward this email to a friend.  You may know a boating enthusiast or someone passionate about the environment and who would like to participate in our prescreening as well as volunteer to help promote our film.
  2. Volunteer. We have several volunteer positions to help us raise awareness about our film as well as raise funds for its completion.
  3. Donate. Your donations are tax deductable and your name may appear on the credits of our final cut of Rock The Boat! 

Okay, so we don't
usually post
notices here. But this
 time we're making an
exception. Why?
1. Because we love
2. Because we love
3. Because we know
the film director : )
Moreover, when LA's river
was shackled by cement,
the city's lifeblood was
over by concrete.
the water flow and life
once again flow more
and flourish. We're all for
So during this
82nd Annual Oscar
take a little time and 
take in a Doc about the city that
cradles the film industry.
Produced by Heather Louise Parker and 
Directed by Thea Mercouffer
Cinematography by Ian Campbell, 
Edited by David Dobson, and Music 
by Mike Raznick
For more information, or to view 
the trailer, visit
Magic Pebble Media and WSR Creative
Reclaiming the LA River"

ROCK THE BOAT - a fresh new doc
   One man's dream to kayak in Los Angeles,
          a cemented-in river, and
                a watershed moment for the nation.

“Rock the Boat” follows a 
and surreal 
boating expedition down 
the cemented-in 
Los Angeles 
River and looks at how 
the ‘city of dreams’ 
turned into 
nightmare sprawl due 
to our history of using, 
managing and re-
working nature in a 
single-minded quest for 
(Think Huckleberry Finn 
meets "Chinatown"). 
"Rock the Boat" is about 
how we found paradise, 
lost it, and might re-claim 
it. By turning the 
LA River into a vibrant focal 
point of LA, 
as many are now envisioning, 
this ever-expanding 
city might be again alive 
with hope and dreams, 
while becoming almost 
completely locally reliant for its water supply. 
"On The Edge" (6 minutes short)
In the summer of 2008 a 

group of intrepid A
ngelenos embarked on an 
unlikely and very
illegal adventure: to boat the 
entire 51-mile length of the 
forbidden LA River. 
Just after they were stopped 
by police in 
helicopters, they were 
met by three groups of dancers.


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