The California - British Columbia Clean Energy Connection

Clean Energy Law Praised by British Columbia Premier

Sen. Pavley staffer Adrienne Alvord and Sen. Pavley at Committee Hearing
Sen. Pavley with British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell

I was honored to introduce British Columbia Premier, Gordon Campbell on the Senate Floor recently. Campbell, who has served as premier since 2001 praised California's Clean Energy Law (AB 32), which I authored while I was serving in the Assembly. He said the 2006 adoption of our landmark greenhouse gas reduction law sparked policy changes in British Columbia that helped to create more than 20,000 new clean-tech jobs.

"Californians need to know the enormous contributions they have made not just to the state but to the whole continent," Campbell told the Sacramento Bee. "The economic impacts are enormous."

During a dinner meeting with Campbell, he reiterated to me the economic importance of moving forward with implementing our clean energy regulations.


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Last month the governor signed SB 535 (Yee). The bill seeks to incentivize the purchase of electric vehicles and plug in hybrids - the next generation of clean cars - by allowing them to access high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes. The bill will also give hybrid drivers who already have yellow decals an additional six months of HOV lane eligibility (extends the sunset date from January 1, 2011 to July 1, 2011).

Recycled Water SB 918 (Pavley) - Increases opportunities for water recycling in California by directing the Department of Public Health to develop criteria for safely using recycled water.

Stormwater AB 1834 (Solorio) - Allows landowners to install a rainwater recapture system to irrigate landscaping or recharge groundwater.


Women in Green Forum

Sen. Pavley at Women in Green Forum
Sen. Pavley at Women in Green Forum

Senator Pavley: I was honored to be the keynote speaker for the 1st Annual Women in Green Forum, an inaugural event bringing women in the sustainability field together.

The two-day event was held last week at the Pasadena Convention Center and focused on topics such as green building, energy efficiency, clean transportation, renewable energy, organic food and beverage, eco fashion, environmental media, natural health/beauty, urban planning, and waste diversion. The Forum was the largest national conference for women in environmental careers with a mission of bringing "trailblazers" together to create a community of women inspiring future generations toward environmental career paths.

I spoke about my bills to curb tailpipe emissions (AB 1493) which is now a national standard, and California's landmark Clean Energy Law (AB 32). I reiterated the economic and environmental importance of implementing our clean energy law, which has sparked more than $10 billion in clean tech investment since its passage in 2006. The audience was enthusiastic about California's future as the center of clean-tech jobs and investment.

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