Mobile Apps For Smart Beauty Shopping

by Mariana Ashley
College Students: Mobile App Helps You Shop Smarter for Things Like Beauty Products


College students these days are very environmentally aware. They’ve grown up in a world where talk of climate change and melting ice caps counts as everyday conversation, and are fully aware that the choices they make—no matter how small—play a role in the bigger picture. 
A great deal of them recycle, carpool, and do their best not to waste water. They exhibit a genuine concern about the future of our planet. They are making changes in every aspect of their life from shopping to socializing. It’s no surprise, then, that many of them are looking toward the ever-evolving world of technology to help them in their cause. 
Enter the GoodGuide appAvailable for both iPhones and Androids, this mobile application helps consumers make smarter decisions about everyday products such as toothpaste and mascara. How it works is simple. Just download the free app onto your smartphone, aim it at a product’s barcode and wait for the results. The user will instantly gain environmental, ethical and safety information about the item, making it easier for people to make informed choices about the companies they support.
Now, I’m not saying this app was made exclusively for college students, but it is definitely college-friendly. Think about it, kids these days never go anywhere without their phone. Plus, with crazy school and work schedules, they have little to no time to research each and every purchase they make BEFORE heading to the store. So, considering their lifestyle the ease and convenience offered by GoodGuide app just makes sense.
With detailed information on over 150,000 products and feature such as the purchase analyzer, this application promotes all-around transparency and consumer advocacy. Run by professors and grad students at UC Berkeley, GoodGuide users, rest easy knowing they are getting quality information they can trust.
So, before you buy that next bottle of shampoo or reach for that supposed “miracle” moisturizer, for check its stats with GoodGuide to see if it helps or hurts Mother Nature as a whole. Planet Earth will thank you!
Mariana Ashley is a freelance blogger who writes about education topics, college trends, student lives, post-college careers, and online colleges in Colorado. Feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

Recycle, Reuse, Rejoice!


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