Greening Hollywood: Jeremy Piven Says "All Actors Wish They Were Athletes"

By Paige Donner

At ESPN's ESPY Awards last month, Jeremy Piven, who plays the irascible and popular "Ari Gold" character on the Entourage TV show said that, "All actors wish they were athletes."

Maybe that's why he was working the carpets that were otherwise reserved for real athletes - not just the ones who play one on TV.

Photo by Paige Donner

In the just-out-now Time Magazine article, he answers questions about what it's like to play the character of the brother of the White House Chief of Staff, Ari Emanuel, who used to head up his own talent agency but has now been folded into the venerable William Morris Agency. Notably, it's the greenest talent agency in Hollywood.

ESPN has its own green agenda, one that goes deeper than Piven's not eating certain fish. ESPN kept a scorecard of their carbon footprint reductions for this year's XGames and ESPYs. That's something they've done for the past 5 years - reduce, reuse and reinvent - at their high-profile action-packed sports events that take place in L.A. in the summer.
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Multiple Olympian, Dara Torres, Photo by Paige Donner

Misty May and Kerri Walsh, Dynamic Olympic Volleyball Duo, Photo by Paige Donner

The 2009 ESPYs represented a major step in ESPN’s continued commitment to environmentally friendly productions as the event, for the first time, will be carbon neutral. And, by implementing stringent recycling and composting measures, the ESPYs will again be virtually waste free.

"The ESPYs celebrate the best in sports every year, so it makes sense for us to raise the bar and make this event as green as can be," said Maura Mandt, executive producer. "Each year, we will find new ways to improve our efforts.”

ESPN's Green Score Card for ESPYs and XGames:

In 2008, 6.3 tons of CO2, equivalent to driving approximately 13,000 miles, was avoided through use of alternative fuels, non-petroleum products and other energy saving tactics in the staging of ESPN's XGames and ESPYs.

Awareness and Education Campaign

ESPN developed an environmental awareness campaign to encourage individual participation beyond the scope of the event, inspire future productions and create lasting impact.

  • Staff specially trained to explain and implement environmental efforts

  • Sustainable products featured throughout the production, with the environmental benefit of using each item explained;

  • Eco-facts played in-theatre for all ESPYs attendees during pre-show;

  • Environmentality section on to share environmental best practices;

  • to see eco-facts to explain everyday efforts that benefit the environment.

Additional Environmentally Responsible Elements


The following recyclable materials were sorted on site at L.A. Live in custom designed recycling containers and sent to a specialized recycling facility for maximum recovery:

  • Beverage containers (including, aluminum, plastic and glass);

  • Mixed office paper (including copier paper, newspaper and magazines);

  • Organic waste (food and plant waste) and all compostable products;

  • Cardboard;

  • Construction materials (including wood, drywall, and metal);

  • Used cooking grease;

  • Electronic waste (including printer cartridges, batteries, copper wire).

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