Saying Goodbye to Synthetics

By Suki Kramer


I’ve posted my recommended skin care regimens for various skin types & conditions, (click here for my skin prescription quiz so you can find out what products work best for you by answering some simple questions) but first, a word about transitioning from synthetics.

Many people who have been relying on skin care products with synthetics in them – often for many years or even decades – go through a normal period of detoxification when switching over to pure products. See…the body is a remarkable machine & your skin adjusts to the ingredients you put on it. But more, manufacturer’s of synthetic products put ingredients in products to cover up symptoms, masking our normal physical reactions to things. Which is why, when you detox, you are uncovering years of buried toxic buildup – & that’s a GOOD thing!

You can also think of it like eating junk food. If you’d been living on sugary snacks year after year, you might feel tired or agitated when you cut the bad stuff out & switched over to a whole food regimen. But you’d know that you were on the right course & it wouldn’t be long at all before you began to feel so much better than ever.

Same with your skin. If you’ve been treating your face to the Twinkie diet – or at least its equivalent – you’ve got to give it a chance when you get real. Your face will thank you for it.
No matter your skin type, if you’ve been using synthetics, be prepared for a possible detox period at the start. remember, you are eliminating that which those products has allowed to be built up over years…
Then, get ready to look & feel amazing!

Suki Kramer is the Founder and Owner of suki® advanced. organic. science.®   Find Suki Pure skin care and cosmetic products at Whole Foods Markets across the nation.  suki® advanced. organic. science.®

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